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The Black Utopia Seller’s Handbook

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Black Utopia.  Our mission is to make sure you get all of the tools, exposure and benefits of using our platform.  You’re family now! 

We know it can be a bit overwhelming when getting started, so we have not only prepared this handbook for your viewing pleasure, we have a series of videos on our YouTube channel to assist you!

Getting Started

The Importance of Choosing a Name for Your Brand- Choosing a name for your store can be the most challenging, yet rewarding step in your business (besides getting sales, of course).  Learn why this important step needs alot of thought and attention from you.

Creating Your Logo and Store Banner-  This is your chance to create a visual story for your brand.  Having a high quality banner and logo is very important.

Creating a Winning, Converting Product Listing-  With Black Utopia, you have the ability to use high ranking keywords, visual aids and more to make your product stand out. 

Making Your Products Stand Out- Proper photography of your product(s) is almost as important as choosing your brand name.  

Newbie Mistakes and How to Avoid Them– As a new seller, there are a few tips and tricks you’ll want to master for optimal success.

Cha-Ching, You’ve Made A Sale!

Setting Up Shipping Rates and Zones– Learn how to set up your shipping rates to appeal to your audience, stay competitive and not lose money.

Want a 5 Star Review?– Of course you do.  They show social proof to other customers and encourage more sales! 

Time to Get Paid– Learn how to make your payment process as smooth as possible.

Business Growth Tools

Your Vendor Dashboard– This is the brain of your business. 

Holiday and Sales Planning– Run your business like a business.  Have a budget, plan for holidays and upcoming sales.

Can People Find You?– Learn the essentials of marketing and how it can boost sales.

Get Featured On Black Utopia– Learn the ins and outs of being a featured business.

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